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handwoven tapestry
tapestry,silk,,cotton,holographic monofilament
Glass panel with pate de verre glass leaves
Kiln formed glass panel, glass powder drawing
hand woven tapestry of  woman dancing under the moon with a white heron
Hand woven silk tapestry
Kiln glass panel,image of the moon,face and moon
Kiln formed Glass Panel
17 x 20
porcelain and terra cotta, carbon glazed raku sculpture
clay, carbon-glazed raku surface
woven reed basket with felted wool and silk surface
reed, wool, silk, waxed linen, silk stitching
10 x 12 x 12
Lumina's Garden , handwoven tapestry
tapestry, hand dyed silk, cotton,holographic monofilament, silver metallic, Japanese 24K gold, and black gold thread
Glass panel
Kiln formed glass panel
Sea kelp, Sea kelp Basket ,Sea kelp tapestry
Reed, wool, silk
23 x 16 x 10
sea Kelp tapestry, Ocean tapestry, ocean Art, tapestry,handwoven, fiber vessel, sea kelp,
reed, silk tapestry, wool, silk gauze, waxed linen, silk stitching
23 x 16 x 10
woven reed basket with felted wool and silk surface
reed, silk tapestry, wool, silk gauze, waxed linen, silk stitching
23 x16 x 10
Shibori dyed Silk Scarf in shades of turquoise and blue
Silk, acid dyes
glass block
hand dyed felted necklace
Silk and Wool
wool painting
wool and Silk
Thin layers of pure color capture the feeling of ocean waves.
Oil on Canvas
4' x 6'
Dyed and woven reed basket with felted wool and silk surface
reed, wool, silk, waxed linen, silk stitching
18 x 12 x12
wool and silk embroidered wall hanging with cast resin embellishments
cast resin, wool, silk, copper oxides,metallic threads
Razor Coral, embroidery detail
felted wool silk gauze , surface embroidery
Razor Coral, detail
cast resin colored with copper oxides are sewn onto felted wool and silk
Ophelia Reconsiders
Kiln formed Glass Panel
A cast resin brooch with kiln fired bronze,found beach pebble and commercially cut aquamarine
Cast resin, bronze, beach pebble,aquamarine
2"x 3"
Aquamarine Totem,
 urban sea forms art jewelry
Cast resin,dyed rubber, purchased cut aquamarine
3 x 8 x 20
Razor Coral  and Pebble,    
sea forms art jewelry
Cast resin, dyed rubber
3 x 5 x18
Ocean Totem
nerokomi prcelain , cast resin , silk
4 x 5 x 18
Felted wool and silk necklace
Silk, wool
art to wear bracelt
cotton, silk thread, holographic monofilament, metallic threads, aluminum frame lined with heavy silk
5 x 4 x 3
Shibori dyed silk scarves in  shades of green and purple
Silk, Acid dyes
90 x 36
Shibori dyed silk scarf in  shades of green and purple
Silk, acid dyes
90 x 36
Sea Anemones, silk, wool, hand embroidered sculpted art cloth
silk gauze, felted wool,, silk thread
12 x 28
Sea Anemone, detail of embroidery
acid dyed silk thread on silk and felted wool
Sea Anemone, detail of paper sculpture
Handmade flax and cotton paper, dyed, painted, cut
3 x 3 x 2
a textile work for the  %Textile Study Group of New York  *9x9x3 Exhibit*%
Hand painted and Shibori dyed silk, Japanese glass seed beads, wooden box
Shibori dyed silk scarf in shades of pink and coral
Silk, acid dyes
Shibori dyed silk scarf in shades of pink and coral
Silk, acid dyes
dimensional art, cloth,fiber sculpture
Shibori dyed silk, felted wool, silk thread, Japanese glass seed beads, cold cast glass
18 x 22
Sea Urchin Sculptures in cold cast glass
cold cast glass , glass beads
Sea Urchins, detail of embroidery
acid dyed mulberry silk thread on felted wool surface
pink and yellow silk scarf,shibori dyed, pleated silk
Dreaming of the Tropics
24x30 inches
Water Lilies
Clay sculpture ,Hand Built,
Natural reed covered with felted wool on silk gauze
reed, wool, silk, waxed linen, silk stitching
Modern Green Flower
Wool and silk
Mermaid glass panel
painting of the moon, blue moon, painting of snow
Acrylic on canvas
6 x 6 inches
Painting of  Woman with jelly fish
Acrylic on Board
18 x 24 inches
Brilliantly colored painting of an angel with a white heron surrounded by tropical foliage
unframed giclee,from an original painting
Image1 Size 10"x 30"

Work is inspired by friends and places I've loved. I have a reverence for beautiful materials and traditional techniques.
I draw with glass lines made while I manipulate molten glass as it streams from the bottom of a small kiln I've suspended in the air. I form the glass panels by melting glass sheets together in a large kiln. Some of my drawings are created by layering glass powders and small pieces of ground glass called frit. I sculpt small objects from glass and melt them to the glass panels to create 3-dimensional surfaces.
Fiber work has a whole other set of creative challenges. I hand dye all of my fibers and usually weave with silk thread on traditional Swedish looms.
I hand weave baskets then cover them with layers of silk and wool. Basket surfaces are embellished with hand-woven tapestry and a fusion of embroidery traditions from many cultures.
I'm honored that my work has been selected for both national and international museum and group exhibitions. I've been a juried member of the American Embroiderer's Guild and I've served as a juror for the American Tapestry Alliance. I share my knowledge by teaching glass and fiber workshops throughout the country.
The national organization, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, has awarded me the lifetime achievement of Master Craftsman.
If you'd like to arrange a commission or if I can assist you with anything,
please use my contact page to get in touch.